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How About the Funniest Shot?

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Dr. Ed Ashby:
Good shots?  Bad shots?  We all make them.  How about some stories of your funniest shot?  Two shots stand out in my mind.

The first was when I was still a  pre-teen.  My brother, Don, and I were hunting (for anything we could get a shot at), when we saw a skunk scurring away.  It went into a large jumble of logs.

Using all his formidable stalking skills, Don sneaked up to the log heap and climbed onto a log for a better view.  The log, though moderately big in diameter, wasn't all that long, and to Don's alarm, at almost the same instant, the skunk crawled up onto the other end of it!   :scared:  

I was several yards away, off to the side, but I instantly saw the skunk facing directly away from me.  Being the frugal person I was, I didn't want to put a 'good' arrow into a skunk, so I took a broked, '25 cent', wood arrow out of my quiver.  It had no point on it!  I had just sharpened the broken shaft in a pencil sharpener!

At the sight of me drawing the VERY SHORT, broken arrow with no point, Don turned a decidedly pale yellow-green in color.    :scared:    :scared:    :scared:  and motioned a frantic, "Don't do it!".

Being the typically unconcerned younger brother, I promptly ignored this frantic plea for mercey.  As I released the arrow on its decidedly unstable way, Don almost fainted.  Ah, but the gods smiled that day!  The arrow hit the skunk right in the back of the head, penetrating about an inch or so, and the skunk collapsed instantly, without delivering any 'parting defiant gesture'.

The look of terror, then relief, followed by, shall I just say 'aggitation', on Don's face said it all and, after I recovered from a sound verbal thrashing (an a firm smack or two on some selected, well padded portions, of my anatomy),   :smileystooges:  we both sat down and laughted until the tears flowed.   :D  

The second shot occurred when bear hunting from a blind over a bait in Minnesota.  It was the first day of season, and I knew that at least seven different bears were visiting that particular bait site, one of which was sizable.  The bears were consuming enormous quantities of food daily, and re-supplying had become a real task, as the site was fairly remote.   :(  

The first bear to come in was a large sow with a cub.  She smashed the log cover off the bait pit and proceeded to gorge herself.  I waited patiently for her to leave, but she just stayed ... and stayed ... and stayed - eating enormous amounts of food the whole time.

Finally, I could stand it no more.  I took a HTM rubber blunt from the quiver and waited.  When she turned that huge rump towards me again, to stick her snout back into the bait pit for yet more food, I let fly.  It was a perfect rump shot, and hit with a resounding "Whack"!  The sow whipped around and instantly back-handed the cub, sending it rolling.  I'll never forget the look on that cub's face.  It said as clearly as any words, "But ... Mom ... I'm not the one ..."

Oh, yes, the sow finally left ... when I broke out in uncontrolled laughter.   :D  

A couple of days later I did get the big boar from that bait - but I never saw that sow and her cub again!


:D    LOL!   There ain't a smiley icon big enough to show how funny those were!  LOL!    :D  


Squirrel Bait:
Well that would have to be, when I was practicing my form in the walk-in closet, like I've done a million times, concentrate on a spot, hit full draw , everything was great till the release!! Went thru the double glass window, across the top of my black and tan hound , and stuck in a stump ten yards behind him. The boss got kinda mad, but my five year old boy says dad you know your not supposed to be shooting in the house. But I did have a perfect release !!! Mike  :knothead:

Those are both good ones Doc!  :D  

My funniest shot would also involve a black bear.  

It started out as all of my bear hunts have so far, while hunting elk.   :cool:   A buddy and I were walking up a trail to a high ridge when we spotted a blonde phase bear eating acorns in an oak brush.

We flipped for the stalk and I won, so he stayed on the trail with the camera while I circled around to get the wind just right.

There were blowdowns everywhere and dead leaves jumped under my boot every time I put it down in a clear spot.  I tried to keep a tree or two between myself and the bear but it seemed like every other step I would be busted out in the open as his head would jerk up when I took a step.

I finally got to what I thought was twenty yards and took the shot.  The arrow gave a solid whack as it hit the wrist sized branch the bear was laying on!

My face looked something like this:  :eek:  , and the bear was looking around something like this:  :confused:  

I frantically nocked another arrow and put it right in the sweet spot.  The bear bailed out of the tree and disappeared.  

I turned around to see if my "Pal" had caught all of that, and he was laying in the midddle of the trail holding his belly and laughing hysterically.  

When I finally went to look for blood my friend climbed in the tree and cut the branch, with my broadhead and a good chunk of blonde belly hair stuck in it down and put it in his pack.

That year for Christmas I got a present from Paul, you know what was in the package!  :D

I was helping my nephew track up a small buck,that he'd made a less than perfect shot on.After many stalks,and misses,he was down to his last arrow.The deer rose,and he let her fly!    The arrow hit about 10 feet low,skipped of a limestone rock,and went right through both lungs!He turned to me with this look of astonishment.  :confused:  

I says, "Nice shot Rob" Cracked us up!  :D    :D


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