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Hope and Faith Sarrels of 2014

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South MS Bowhunter:
Good luck,

Hope need a few more "blood baths" to get all of that frog lime off her fine lines   :biglaugh:

I'm glad Hope and Faith are still getting a workout this close to the auction!  Good times.  Both those bows are superb weapons.  The big question is, who's gonna bid???  I'm already feeling nostalgic about the bow (Faith) that brought me my first trad kill this past season...

Sorry, I'm a day late on the hunt report.

I headed back to the swamp and scene of the East TX Hog Hunt from last month. We had identified couple areas that held more hogs and I was hoping they were still there and undisturbed. If any of you read about our hunt you know it was wet. Well.....all it has done in the month since then is rain, so there was a new level of wetness. Within 2 minutes of leaving the truck I was already walking in water over my knees. And to add to that unpleasant surprise, as I was pushing through that deep hole and the thick grasses and other plants in the water, a 2+' cottonmouth swims away from me just under the surface of the water.
  :scared:    :scared:    :scared:

I don't really mind being out there with them, but this one caught me a bit off guard. My progress was a little slow for the next 30 minutes as I scanned every leaf, stick and blade of grass in front of me.

Finally, my fears eased and I was able to start hoofing it to the far end of the WMA. I had my Thermacell on and for extra protection I lit up one of my personal skeeter/woman repellants.


I saw a nutria in the slough behind me in the above picture. I don't believe they are legal to kill on this WMA, so it would have been safe if I had gotten close enough for a shot. I did try to get close enough for a picure, but it busted me at about 40 yds.

The fresh sign was incredible when I reached my intended destination. One open area was similar to walking across a freshly plowed field. I wasn't able to find any hogs though and eventually had to head to the truck. As I was slogging my way back, I noticed a funny looking log on the edge of another slough. I reached for my phone/camera to take a picture of the greyish log, but it decided that 15 yds was too close and it made it's way into the water.


It was probably between 6 and 7' long and pretty anti-social.

Besides enjoying the day hunting instead of working, I was blessed to have come upon a little easy-picking sustenance. These blackberries are just hitting their prime and were very sweet. I ate my fill.


I made it home, dried out and my wife and I had dinner. Afterward, we went out to enjoy the evening on the patio and the thought of getting a rabbit with Hope returned. Except, I don't think I will pursue the yard rabbits anymore. We literally had four rabbits running around us last night with no care at all. Two of them came up onto the patio and one of them brushed against my wife's leg. It was a little crazy.

For now the yard bunnies are safe - not much adventure in killing, or hunting skill required to shoot one of these. This guy liked hanging out by my cheapo target. It has obviously watched me target practice and is unconcerned.


I will try to get back out after something with Hope and will keep you all informed.

"Wabbits is sooooo stupid"  Yosemite Sam



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