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T.B.G. State Shoot-----The Boys did Great

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Best friends Skyler, Zach, and Chase had an awesome time at the State Shoot in Culloden GA this very rainy, wet week-end. They were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the youth division AND their Friend, mentor and Chase's Dad, JC--Joe Coots took 1st in the Longbow class. Skyler has been non-stop telling me about the people he met, the food, and the water....I couldn't attend so my brother-in-law, Sammy took the boys and they camped with the Coots Clan. Sam is a great Dutch Oven Cook and Serious Camper and now he is hooked on Traditional Archery. He wanted to thank the Guys who loaned him the bow to shoot.....This afternoon, he kept telling me what a great group of men and women that were in attendance at the shoot...He'll be back....  

Larry Surtees:
Congrats to Skyler, Zach, and Chase.  Good on you boys!

Nice shootin' on your part JC.

I know you would have liked to have been there DW.

:clapper:    :clapper:    :clapper:  Good shootin'.

Charles Sorrells:
Good job boys!!!!

Coots and Wilson, the next generation of trad hunters and fine shots! My hats off to you both.


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