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gene wensels article from a younger persons point of view...

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i am 19, and i get tired of older hunters going on about "young people these days", or "mislead young people", and all that crap.  its really annoying and often discouraging to hear older hunters, people who should be helping encourage as many people as posiible to hunt, bashing younger people, and judging them by what they see and hear about other younger people, and not even giving them a chance to prove they are not like the majority.  
i would like to say thanks to mr wensel for talking about the positive things about getting older, and NOT bashing people who are younger, and i really appreciate that.  he said he as he gets older he becomes less tolerant of law breakers, un ethical gun kills, and left it at that, not going off on a mindless rant,and never once did he begin to bash ANYONE.  he brought out and discussed the positive elements of growing older with out bashing younger people.  its that simple, but very rare.  good job mr wensel and thanks!

Thats one of the last articles in the current copy that I have yet to read.Its in my locker at work so Ill be raeding it tomorrow.They say those 2 brothers are a couple of classy fellers.High on my list to meet them.

Steve O:
I'm just glad he didn't blame me for messing up his foot   :goldtooth:  

Ol' Uncle Gene is a very WISE man;  if more people would listen to what he is saying instead of just hearing or reading it, we'd be much better off.

Amen to that Steve O

Gene Wensel:
And here I thought there were only three wise men Steve. Like my daddy used to say, there is a fine line between wisdom and senility. As an example, I sat for 4 1/2 hours today in 14 degree temps not counting the wind chill factor trying to kill a big doe. How smart is that???


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