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Neglecting Tradgang

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It's been sometime since I sat down and really enjoyed Tradgang. Workloads and changing careers has taken a toll on many things time oriented. Tradgang has certainly been one of them. I pulled this out of some of my earlier writings. I wrote this back when my writing was just starting. I hope you will enjoy the piece. For now it's about all the time I have. Hopefully after the Spring Hunts are over I'll have an enormous amount of material to share form many hunts. Till then, "Big and Tall". CK

"Ride em Big-n-Tall or not at all", were the words he muttered to the wind that day. I gazed into his eyes so blue that the deep blue Sea seemed pale in comparison. I couldn’t help but notice his abrasive appearance brought about through years of uncontrolled beard growth and work in the Sun. This gentleman was unknown to me but it was very obvious through his looks that he would stand out as unique no matter what his surroundings. I’m not sure of the reason he decided to speak these words to me or even if he would remember saying them to me minutes after he walked away. The only thing I knew was that the words seem to have been chipped into the stone walls of my memory. They had been placed delicately in the intersection at the crossroads of my life. I was a child at the time and it took many years to ponder the thoughts of "riding big and tall". I most certainly thought of the meaning often as I found my place in this tough life.

I gazed this morning through the empty canopy of the Oak tree I found myself perched in. As the smoke rose quite spiritually from the water on a nearby pond, the last leaf on the tree I was sitting in clung so tightly to life that it appeared it was fearful of the change that would occur if it let go. Fall had intruded upon Sumer and the resulting intrusion had sent the leaves tumbling forward into the unknown. I had to send out my heartfelt feelings to the last leaf in conveyance of my appreciation of its struggle. I knew all to well how the struggles of life can affect us.

As often happens as we go through life, we forget the impact that our words and conduct may have on those around us.

More often than not, as we age, the words we speak and the conduct we present to those around us is presented without thought of any impact what so ever. How could one ever know the impact of a few words presented at a time so precise that they may forever change ones own life path? Yes, that is a very deep thought but quite a realistic one as well. Words are quite powerful and not unlike the arrows from our mighty bows, may never be returned to the place from where they have come.

As the smoke rose from the pond I wondered of the children of my friends and their future impact on the ever changing world around us. Would there be a Blue eyed stranger in their life’s path that would enter at such a perfect point that they would forever know how to handle the plight of life? Would they themselves handle the struggle by riding big and tall or would they tumble as the leaves from the tree into uncertainty? The ever growing questions pecked away at me.

I’ve traveled far and wide in my relatively short life and the words from a nameless face so many years ago have forever haunted me. In many of my travels I’ve found myself firmly at the podium of decision and each time I’ve found myself there, I hear the words on the wind, "Ride em big and tall" or not at all. When alone in the woods, when in giant crowds, when standing on the Football field in High School, when wandering aimlessly along a busy sidewalk, I’ve often heard the words. I also wander quite often of the impact we have on all those that surround us in what we ourselves present to the world. It sometime seems that no-one is listening. They are there, I promise they are. I also promise that for every thought that will ever enter your mind about not being heard by those around you, there will be one person to whom your words are of total inspiration. Choose them well for they can never be returned to their place of inception.

(Cont tomorrow AM) CK

Good to see you back on the puter CK. Say hi to Debbie and pet the dogs for me, see ya in a few weeks.

Shaun, you're booked in Carta Valley before and after TBJ. Confirmed! Call me. CK

Terry Green:
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The daily struggle has become enormous these days. With growing technology comes growing issues and a whole new set of rules we’ve never had to deal with. Each and every day proves to be a new struggle all together. Each and every day there are new lives brought into this increasingly difficult world we live in. Those new lives will need mentors, guides, and nameless faces to point them the way. Our actions are of the utmost importance today more than any other.

I reposition my bow to greet some incoming deer. The decisions of life are once again being placed into my hands and though words weren’t on the wind today, my thoughts most certainly were. I hold within myself and within my bow the ability to change the world around me. The decisions sometime are all mine. Choices now have taken on much greater meaning at this middle ground of my life. As the deer come closer I can now see that the choice to take life or let it remain free is a choice all in my own. I get caught up in the moment and as the deer enter a distance of easy reach of my bow and arrows. I decide to ride a little "big and a little tall". Today the choice I make will truly impact life and I choose to let life remain free. I have enough venison to last till next season and I know all to well that my decision to shoot may carry greater impact than I could ever know. If I’d chosen to take the deer this morning I may have never seen the buck I would kill next year. Again I find myself deep within the moment.

During the closing minutes of the last inning of the Little League game that I was watching, a fight between on-looking parents broke out. It seems that the parents got so caught up in the decisions made by the Umpires that they themselves made a decision. The decisions they made was to become physical with each other and in the mist of all these bad decisions, the Little League game was halted. A ball field full of youngsters stood gazing upon the spectacle at hand. As I looked around I saw an old Cowboy at the outer edges of the crowd. His hat was old and beaten, his beard was long and untrimmed. I thought I could see his eyes of blue even from the great distance that was between us. As my attention faded from the bad decisions of the parents now fighting in front of all the children, I tried to move closer to the old Cowboy. He bore such a resemblance to a faded memory that I needed to confirm it as him.. As I reached the location where the Cowboy had been standing, he was gone. Well, I knew it could not be the man from the recesses of my memory but the words from so long ago now rang so loud and true,"Ride em Big and Tall Curtis or not at all", "Big and Tall"!!! I knew at this very moment what the meaning of those words had always held. I, at this very moment also wandered of the future of the youngsters who were also having thoughts placed into their memories of the struggle of the parents in the stands.

Had the man of ancient memories ever existed at all? Was the abrasive ol’ coot with blue eyes and a beard just a figment of a Writers incredible imagination? Maybe the old guy was there all along and had never parted after wispering his wisdom to the wind. I can only tell you that the ol’ man I speak of has given me the inspiration to carry about great feats in this life. He also instilled the ability for me to try and point the way to those who may have forgotten how to "Ride Big and Tall". Teach the children well! They are listening more than you may ever know!




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