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Just finalized plans to return to Ombengu, Namibia next July.This is where we filmed AFRICAN DREAM. My oldest son, John, will be tagging along. This trip will be extra special.

Randy Cooling:
What a great thing that john can start going to Africa at his age.I don't have kids, but I have a 9 year old nephew that I am hoping I can drag over with me when he gets old enough.Introducing John to Africa is going to be a wonderful thrill for you.

Yeah Randy, I can't wait. John will turn 15 right before we leave. I think it will give him an even better perspective on life; he's a great kid. Loves to shoot aerials too!

herb haines:
Denny ,
do you get a chance to hunt with the bushmen ?read some articals mostly in TMB abot Gene Wensel and maybe Don Thomas hunting with them and i guess they are unbelievable trackers .--- herb

Hey Herb,

When I hunted Ombengu in '02 only one of the trackers was a Bushman. Don't remember the tribe of the other guy, but He was a great tracker also.

When we hunted Ha Nore, all the trackers were Bushman and they sat or stalked with you all day.


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