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Bear Hunter:
I know it will be way down the road before I head over there to hunt but have always wondered this anyways. For a first timer (and it would be a once in a lifetime thing) what animals would you hunt? Are any of the dangerous game animals good for hunting for a first time?


Rick McGowan:
Nobody will recommend it for the first trip. The big five or six are really all specialized hunts and with the exception of leopard require specialized equipment. Its better to get your feet wet with plains game first and remember that a 100# wounded bushbuck or bushpig are considered by many to be dangerous game! Rick

I agree with Rick. The price goes up quite a bit on the dangerous game too. Also I'm not sure about a once in a lifetime African hunt. Everyone I've ever went with has been back or is planning a return trip. Don't put it off long if there is any way you can swing it. Life is short.

Bear Hunter:
Thanks for the advice. I have a couple "dream hunts" to do here in Alberta first, before I head over there. (Get a rocky mountain bighorn with my stickbow  :thumbsup:  )


What I discovered is that when hunting a waterhole, you are not making the choices as to what to shoot.  What ever trophy class species stands broadside at 15 yds is the quarry du jour - at least it was that way for me as a first timer.



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