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Terry Green:
African Dream....from Black Widow.

Very well done, and an individual narative perspective from those in the video.

Terry, Glad you enjoyed the show. I thought Darryl Quidort did a great job of editing. I think people will enjoy tagging along with G. Fred and Ken Beck as they hunt Namibia.

Wile E. Coyote:
Where can we pick up a copy of the video? Would really enjoy seeing some trad videos on Africa. Any other good ones you'd suggest?

Terry Green:
Wayne,  the answer is in my above post.

Denny, I'll second what Terry said about African Dreams,I thought it was awsome.Africa has been a dream of mine for a long time,hope to be able to afford it someday.After what I have been through in the last few weeks,I realize now life is too short and can be shortened at any time.An African adventure is high on my new list,hopefully someday!  Keep those great DVD's coming.
   Take Care,  Curt }------------>


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