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Guess I Start this off....

I'm Going to RSA with Kruger on July 9th for ten days. Can hardley wait. Looking to take Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, Zebra and warthog

Will be my first trip to Africa. Any advise from you gang members that have been would be apprciated.


Tom Lagatol:
I'm excited for ya Tommy. I hunted in RSA for 10 days. It was a hastily planned deal that I put together while I was there on a business trip. Can't say the outfitter was worth a s#@t but I did manage to get it in my blood....everyone does. Ya just have to go back, once ain't enough.

What are ya bringing with you? I've heard that Kruger is a real great guy and outfitter! Best of Luck! TomL  :wavey:


I plan to take my 58lb Custom Bighorn recurve and my 57lb Kota Longbow.

As far as arrows I am planning on bring a doz. Cedars in the 560gr range, a doz Hickory in the 700gr range and a doz. carbons loaded in the 650gr range. Broadheads are Magnus 2 blade and Zwickey 2 blade.


Do you think I am on the right track with the setup I am planning on bringing? I figure the lighter Cedars will be for Impala and the heavys will be for the larger game.


Hey T-BELL,  I'll bet you're gonna love Africa, bet you'll want to go again too.

I take two cameras and lots of film. Store everything in dust proof containers. Make sure you have a qualified photo taker even if you have to self-time the pics. I've seen a few disappointed hunters return with junk pictures. Since it takes time for your trophys to return, photos are all you'll have for a while. Denny


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