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Title: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Dr. Ed Ashby on March 25, 2003, 10:55:00 PM
Good shots?  Bad shots?  We all make them.  How about some stories of your funniest shot?  Two shots stand out in my mind.

The first was when I was still a  pre-teen.  My brother, Don, and I were hunting (for anything we could get a shot at), when we saw a skunk scurring away.  It went into a large jumble of logs.

Using all his formidable stalking skills, Don sneaked up to the log heap and climbed onto a log for a better view.  The log, though moderately big in diameter, wasn't all that long, and to Don's alarm, at almost the same instant, the skunk crawled up onto the other end of it!   :scared:  

I was several yards away, off to the side, but I instantly saw the skunk facing directly away from me.  Being the frugal person I was, I didn't want to put a 'good' arrow into a skunk, so I took a broked, '25 cent', wood arrow out of my quiver.  It had no point on it!  I had just sharpened the broken shaft in a pencil sharpener!

At the sight of me drawing the VERY SHORT, broken arrow with no point, Don turned a decidedly pale yellow-green in color.    :scared:    :scared:    :scared:  and motioned a frantic, "Don't do it!".

Being the typically unconcerned younger brother, I promptly ignored this frantic plea for mercey.  As I released the arrow on its decidedly unstable way, Don almost fainted.  Ah, but the gods smiled that day!  The arrow hit the skunk right in the back of the head, penetrating about an inch or so, and the skunk collapsed instantly, without delivering any 'parting defiant gesture'.

The look of terror, then relief, followed by, shall I just say 'aggitation', on Don's face said it all and, after I recovered from a sound verbal thrashing (an a firm smack or two on some selected, well padded portions, of my anatomy),   :smileystooges:  we both sat down and laughted until the tears flowed.   :D  

The second shot occurred when bear hunting from a blind over a bait in Minnesota.  It was the first day of season, and I knew that at least seven different bears were visiting that particular bait site, one of which was sizable.  The bears were consuming enormous quantities of food daily, and re-supplying had become a real task, as the site was fairly remote.   :(  

The first bear to come in was a large sow with a cub.  She smashed the log cover off the bait pit and proceeded to gorge herself.  I waited patiently for her to leave, but she just stayed ... and stayed ... and stayed - eating enormous amounts of food the whole time.

Finally, I could stand it no more.  I took a HTM rubber blunt from the quiver and waited.  When she turned that huge rump towards me again, to stick her snout back into the bait pit for yet more food, I let fly.  It was a perfect rump shot, and hit with a resounding "Whack"!  The sow whipped around and instantly back-handed the cub, sending it rolling.  I'll never forget the look on that cub's face.  It said as clearly as any words, "But ... Mom ... I'm not the one ..."

Oh, yes, the sow finally left ... when I broke out in uncontrolled laughter.   :D  

A couple of days later I did get the big boar from that bait - but I never saw that sow and her cub again!

Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: runswithskunks on March 25, 2003, 11:27:00 PM
:D    LOL!   There ain't a smiley icon big enough to show how funny those were!  LOL!    :D  

Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Squirrel Bait on March 25, 2003, 11:27:00 PM
Well that would have to be, when I was practicing my form in the walk-in closet, like I've done a million times, concentrate on a spot, hit full draw , everything was great till the release!! Went thru the double glass window, across the top of my black and tan hound , and stuck in a stump ten yards behind him. The boss got kinda mad, but my five year old boy says dad you know your not supposed to be shooting in the house. But I did have a perfect release !!! Mike  :knothead:
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: DiamondD on March 25, 2003, 11:33:00 PM
Those are both good ones Doc!  :D  

My funniest shot would also involve a black bear.  

It started out as all of my bear hunts have so far, while hunting elk.   :cool:   A buddy and I were walking up a trail to a high ridge when we spotted a blonde phase bear eating acorns in an oak brush.

We flipped for the stalk and I won, so he stayed on the trail with the camera while I circled around to get the wind just right.

There were blowdowns everywhere and dead leaves jumped under my boot every time I put it down in a clear spot.  I tried to keep a tree or two between myself and the bear but it seemed like every other step I would be busted out in the open as his head would jerk up when I took a step.

I finally got to what I thought was twenty yards and took the shot.  The arrow gave a solid whack as it hit the wrist sized branch the bear was laying on!

My face looked something like this:  :eek:  , and the bear was looking around something like this:  :confused:  

I frantically nocked another arrow and put it right in the sweet spot.  The bear bailed out of the tree and disappeared.  

I turned around to see if my "Pal" had caught all of that, and he was laying in the midddle of the trail holding his belly and laughing hysterically.  

When I finally went to look for blood my friend climbed in the tree and cut the branch, with my broadhead and a good chunk of blonde belly hair stuck in it down and put it in his pack.

That year for Christmas I got a present from Paul, you know what was in the package!  :D
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Timo on March 25, 2003, 11:39:00 PM
I was helping my nephew track up a small buck,that he'd made a less than perfect shot on.After many stalks,and misses,he was down to his last arrow.The deer rose,and he let her fly!  "[dntthnk]"  The arrow hit about 10 feet low,skipped of a limestone rock,and went right through both lungs!He turned to me with this look of astonishment.  :confused:  

I says, "Nice shot Rob" Cracked us up!  :D    :D
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Russ on March 26, 2003, 02:51:00 AM
These threads are fun!   :D   Perhaps my funniest shot was when I was a kid. I was shooting my mom's selfwood longbow as I couldn't pull my dad's. We had a huge hornet nest on the side of the house that my parents enjoyed watching for whatever reasons. My dad gave me a stern lecture that I was not to try to go near it or shoot an arrow at it.   :scared:   I eventually outran them and wound up at my best friend's house a few miles away where his mom took pity on my stupidity   :(   and iced the stings.

Much later, I called my parents who were now at home enjoying a backyard barbeque and wondering where I was and why an arrow was stuck in the hornet nest. I warned them about the killer hornets but my mom said she was enjoying watching them come and go from the nest, despite the arrow, and everyone was just fine.   :rolleyes:   I was occassionally stung by a hornet throughout the entire summer, as if I needed the reminder.   :eek:     No one else was ever stung. My dad gave me another lecture but it was shorter than the first one; guess he figured out he was talking to a brick wall, LOL.   :knothead:   Now I take small critters very seriously. I sure hope my kid never does anything like that, LOL. Not sure I could keep a straight face!
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Charlie Lamb on March 26, 2003, 08:02:00 AM
My best buddy and I were out hunting cottentails one warmish September day. (it was legal in September then) I was coming along a side hill full of corralberry and honey locust when I spotted a rabbit sitting, about 10 yards in front of me.
It was holding pretty tight and I knew I could kill it easilly, but my partner had never killed a rabbit (we were both nineteen at the time), so I motioned to him.
He was only about 15 yards from me and spotted the bunny pretty quickly. I made it known that I wanted him to shoot and motioned for him to move in a little for a sure shot.
His first shot, deliberate and steady hit just below the rabbit. Due to the angle of the hill the arrow stuck solidly.
The rabbit didn't budge, but sat there secure in his camoflage. A second arrow was on the way and stuck just above the rabbit.
So it went for a total of six shots which hit at all points of the compass within inches of the rabbit.
Russ was out of arrows and we decided to just jump the rabbit and let him run. When we did that he literally had to knock arrows out of the way to get going.
We both laughed loud and smiled over that one.
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Russ on March 26, 2003, 10:46:00 AM
Let me be the first to point out that I'm not the Russ that Charlie is referring to! LOL. It sounds like me, but it isn't!  :smileystooges:
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Bill Leslie on March 26, 2003, 10:58:00 AM
I was out hunting the second rut,( Dec. ). I was on the ground leanin' against a big red cedar tree about 15 yds. off a field. I was about 10 yds. from an intersection of two trails. It was cold and snowing and about 4:00 pm. I was really cold so I sat down on the down wind side of the tree for a minute. . All of a sudden I saw this doe walkin' down my side of the field , so I got ready for her to come down the trail. She turned and started down the trail I was on. I came to full draw and was waitin' for her to come to me . All of a sudden she stopped. I had a clean shot of about 18 yds. and was about to take it when something caught my eye in the field . It was a big 10 point buck ! I mean one of those bucks you see those guy's on TV shoot  :knothead:  ! Well I desided to wait on him , but by now she was about 10 yds. from me and I could not move ! Sure enough he came after her ! She was raiseing her tail and singin' deer love songs at him ! He ran right to her. I will spare you all the x-rated stuff. Well, as he was basking in the after glow he turned broad side of me and looked the other way and I have never made such a perfect shot in my live. He was broad side about 11 yards from me, lookin' the other way, a deer of a lifetime ! I let the arrow go and it went right were I was lookin' ! It sailed right thru the center of his massive 10 point set of horns !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  O'well, at least I i made a good shot !

Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: JC on March 26, 2003, 12:32:00 PM
I was hunting this last year and hadn't seen anything all morning but squirrels.  One particular squirrel had not shut up since a little after dawn, running up and down this tree about 30 yards away rasing complete cane at me.  It was getting late and as I'm climbing down, this squirrel kicks it into overdrive and cusses me up and down his tree.  He gets to the bottom of his tree about the time I get to mine and stands there on the ground, tail high, defiant and just letting it rip.  I couldn't take any more.... I wanted to shoot at him before but refrained cause I was afraid of 1) I'd lose my arrow, 2) It would hit the iron hard beech he was in and break it.  Now he was in the leaf litter so I nocked my one judo, took aim and let fly.  Only by grace, he hopped 6 inches straight in the air just as the arrow arrived at the exact location his head had been a split second before.  So now, the arrow burried deep into the earth at the base of the tree, he runs up onto the arrow! Little monster, I'm gonna KILL you now. So I nock a broadhead concentrate on his open mouth and let fly.  Next thing I see him running up the tree, taking off for parts unknown like a scalded rat. I walk over, not believing I missed twice...only to find my judo arrow "robin Hood-ed" by the broadhead.  I laughed for 10 minutes that a silly squirrel was so lucky and I wasted a fine carbon arrow cause I have a temper.  Sorry for the long winded reply...

Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: AZStickman on March 26, 2003, 05:07:00 PM
Coming off the archery range one day with a buddy we hit the last target.... it was a 55 yard shot at a hunter target.. you know the black ones with the white center..... well there were 4 of the sponsored compound shooters sitting there fiddling with their sites .... they had every gadget known to man on them bows they looked like a cross between an antenna and a x-mas tree..... my buddy and I stopped and told them to go ahead as we really didn't want to shoot in front of them but they insisted we go first.... well my buddy hits the center ring and I pull up and release..... my arrow hits 10 yards or so in front of the target and skips up into the center ring.... That's when the razzing really started...well we both took out arrows for a second shot and again my buddy puts an arrow right in the white...... I pull up and hit the dirt in exactly the same spot and skip a second arrow into the center right next to my first arrow.... I turned around not cracking a smile and said to the sponsored guys, who were now quiet,..... I bet you thought that first shot was an accident didn't you and proceeded to walk up and pull out our arrows.... we waited until we were out of earshot and busted out laughing.... Terry
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: TrapperJohn on March 26, 2003, 05:51:00 PM
Kilt a bobkitty 3 years ago wit ma Black wider silver anna.  He jumped up on a rock alookin at me,  :eek:  I shot low skipped an he jumped gottem in da belly went bout 50 yds. yeaw i planed it dat way  :D    :D   TJ  :D    :D
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: TrapperJohn on March 26, 2003, 05:52:00 PM
Kilt a bobkitty  bout 3 years ago wit ma Black wider silver anna.  He jumped up on a rock alookin at me,  :eek:  I shot low skipped an he jumped gottem in da belly went bout 50 yds. yeaw i planed it dat way  :D    :D   TJ  :D    :D
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: RC on March 26, 2003, 06:20:00 PM
A friend and I were hunting on Ossabaw Island once.He had made a to far back shot on a sow. We trailed her and he was down to his last arrow he skillfully shot in her foot. Feeling sorry for the sow I slipped in and lunged her. He was shooting a compound and had gotten dark enough he couldn`t see thru his peep and plus he was out of arrows. We got the sow back to the checkin station as this was a managed hunt. There were around 40 people there , all bowhunters with game . When the game warden got to my buddies pig I yelled ,Hey whats that stuck in her foot and left. All 40 bowhunters gathered round and give the old boy one heck of a laugh.RC
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Dr. Ed Ashby on March 26, 2003, 09:15:00 PM
I'm loving all these!  It's the little things like these that make the great memories of a life as a hunter!

I remember sitting in a tree stand in Texas, many years ago.  It was a stand I particularly liked, for no special reason except that it was in the deep forrest where deer often bedded and moved, off and on, all day long ... and it was an exceedingly comfortable tree.  I often hunted from it.  It is still one of my most memorable tree stands, though I never killed a deer from it.

That tree was a huge oak that was home for lots of nature's true 'woods folk', and they provided lots of entertainment to help pass the hours.  It had a huge hollow at the base, from which two bobcats emerged one evening, just at dusk.  I'd been in the stand for hours, but figure they probably knew I was there all along.  They calmly walked out and strolled away - directly beneath the biggest limb on the tree!  I never had a chance!

It was also the stand that I was in when a squirrel came out at the top.  He chattered and clammered for a while, talking with his kinfolk in the area.  Then he started his descent - coming down straight towards me.  I could hear him coming ... claws digging into the ancient wrinkled bark.  When I thought he was about at my head, I slowly tilted my head back ... and found we were face to face.  Anyone else ever heard a squirrel say, "Oh, S--T"?    "[laffsmyl]"  

Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Dr. Ed Ashby on March 26, 2003, 11:17:00 PM
1080 - sodium monofleuroacetate.  Yep, it's a poison.  Nasty stuff.  Look up the "Data Sheet" on the Web sometime!  Not used much in Aussie, but New Zeland uses about 90% of the world's production of it, in their possum control program.  They drop it by air, laced into food pelits.  Bad part is, it kills EVERYTHING.  The areas that have been poisoned with it are totally sterile.  Not a bird or rodent to be found.  The woods are deathly quiet.

The NZ government acknowledges that it kills about 80% of the deer n the drop areas, but maintain that the killing of deer is "acceptable", as they are non-native animals!  Sad situation.  Did an article on it a few months ago - followed by my own (not exactly 'main stream') opinion on the spread of 'alien species'.  Still maintain that the last legal rhino will be hunted in ... Texas!  Thank God for hunters!!!!!!

Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Russ on March 27, 2003, 03:11:00 AM
Gee, if we get to go twice ... my bowhunting buddy died way too young and I think he'd enjoy having one of his stories told, so here goes.

Stan and I established a bear bait south of Anchorage in an area known to have black bears and no grizzly bears, which are not legal to bait. We fed the bait for a number of weeks and had lots of black bears coming in. One night Stan was on the stand when he heard some huffing and puffing from a really big bear coming into the bait. Yep, it was a large grizzly sow with two small cubs, doubly illegal and very dangerous. The sow laid down on the bait and ate until there was nothing left. An amazing feat all by itself. After a short nap, she got up and walked away. The cubs, however, stayed right there and played and napped for quite some time. Stan's tree stand was about 7' up, maybe 8 yards from the bait, and had no seat. He had been on edge for well over an hour and was anxious to sneak away back to his truck and safety.

Not known for patience, Stan decided he would shoot a blunt into the dirt, close to the cubs, in an attempt to chase them away. Upon doing so, the cubs were properly scared, ran to the nearest tree, and began to climb. Luckily, it was not the same tree Stan was in. Unluckily, it was the one immediately next to him and was in touching distance. Each cub in turn came up the tree, looked at Stan, bawled their lungs out, and climbed higher. The sow came running back, obviously irritated, as only a grizzly can be. Jaws popping, mouth drewling, smashing trees and shrubs, she was the epitomy of wild anger and violence. Stan was sure he was standing dead. Back to the tree, knees shaking, he prepared to meet his maker. The sow thrashed around for at least three eternities and then went huffing off into the woods and out of sight, never having laid a paw on our hero. Still not willing to come down from the stand, Stan tried not to look the cubs in the eye. Eventually, the cubs came down the tree, saw Stan, or what was left of him, LOL, bawled and climbed down the tree. Once on the ground the cubs ran to catch up with mom. Stan barely touched the ground for the mile run back to the truck. After that, I had the bait station all to myself! I believe that was the last time Stan tried bear baiting. Imagine that.
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Dr. Ed Ashby on March 27, 2003, 07:12:00 PM
Russ ... That's a great story.  I had one similar when I lived in Alaska ... except that I was varmint calling (from a ground blind) for fox, and had a grizzly respond!  I would tell the story ... except ... it wasn't funny at all!

Ed   :scared:    :scared:    :scared:    :scared:
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: joel smith on March 27, 2003, 10:45:00 PM
not sure this qualifies as funniest shot, more like shot(s). an old friend and i were hunting elk in CO, a little this side of Eagle. The weather was seriously anti-elk, hot, dry as a popcorn fart. What hunting we could manage was very early and very late which made for some long days in camp. We got to noticing several praire dogs poppin' up near camp and we were gettin' a little "restless" by this time so decided it was gonna be a bad day for praire dogs. Man, those little dudes are FAST ! Don't remember how many broadheads were dulled before i gave up but Elbert refused to quit. i finally just sat down and watched him. He had decided the way to get one was to concentrate on one hole and time it so you were at fulldraw when he popped up so all you had to do was release---ever tried that ? never failed that, just as you had to let down, he'd pop up just about time you fully relaxed, you'd jerk it back and of course he'd see the movemnet and be gone before the arrow cleared the bow. Elbert got so tired and so mad with the dogs that he just took an arrow out of his quiver and crouched over the hole with the arrow point only inches away from the edge of the hole---he was gonna just stab him next time he came up. I've still got the picture i took of Elbert leanin' over that hole, staring intently...and the praire dog standing on the edge of the hole directly behind him watching....
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Dr. Ed Ashby on March 28, 2003, 10:12:00 PM
Great One Joel!  Reminds me of my brother's 'gopher hunt' ... but that's his story!

Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: CT Bowhunter on March 29, 2003, 09:07:00 AM
Mine was on a canned hunt, okay I did it because we took some clients out and I'd only been shooting a bow for about a year and someone else was paying!

We were walking thru the woods looking for some russian boars. I had the video camera going when we came across this sheep with huge curly horns sticking about 2 feet from the side of his head. Needless to say this novice bowhunter got excited. I decided to stalk it, so I handed the camera to a friend and started the stalk with the guide. The sheep stopped, offering a good quartering away shot. I asked the guide about the distance and he said about 30 yards. Now never having seen a sheep like this before everyone was amazed at the size of his B#$%s. Well I set, achored, and shot. Being a little nervous I shot a little low and left, sheep was more like 40 yards, great guide! My arrow went right under his b##$s and the flecthing just touched them. The sheep jumped up and turned around to look at us, with a what the heck was that look. All I could hear was everyone watching from afar laughing. After another stalk I was able to make a good shot! All of this was on video. When we went home and watched the video, my two young sons said, "Daddy why did you try and shoot off his wienke?" That was over 10 years ago and my kids are still giving me a hard time about it!
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Canyon on April 03, 2003, 09:54:00 AM
Without all the details but my funniest shot involved heavy snowfall,indoor practice and a frigidaire.  :confused:  I guess the shot wasn't that funny but the look on my wifes face  :eek:  sure was.
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Jason R. Wesbrock on April 03, 2003, 10:41:00 AM
No shot on this one...but not one of my finer moments afield.

Last fall I was hunting in WI from my favorite treestand. It's 14' up a cherry tree at the intersection of a few fire trails with several shagbark hickorys nearby. Needless to say, the squirrel activity there is intense.

Usually they just run around and give me some cheap entertainment. At least once or twice a year I'll have one decide he wants to get in the treestand with me. They never quite make it that far though before they run off barking up a storm.

Anyway, I was sitting there, minding my own business, when a squirrel started up the trunk. He got a few feet from my stand, stopped, and beat a hasty retreat. Over to the next tree he goes, straight up the trunk, out of a limb, and them he jumps into my tree several feet over my head.

Now I'm thinking we're in for some hand to hand combat here. This little gray dude's eyeballing me like I'm in his nest or something, and he's obviously not scared. Down he comes, on a string and straight for me. I'm getting nervous. He looks mad, bad, and probably got the Cooties too. He had a face like this...  :mad:  

Knowing that I couldn't manage a straight-up shot from my stand, even in self-defense, I braced for the impending attack. Who would take care of my family? Would my daughter carry fond memories of her father, who was killed in a squirrel attack when she was only 5 years old? Maybe I should have bought that life insurance instead of cussing out the telemarketer? And who was going to clean up this mess anyway?

A few feet above my head he stopped, turned, and pointed his little butt at me. "Alright, he's leaving now. Just a bluff charge...COWARD! All he's going to do is moon me...a little 'squirrel cheek', if you will."

Just then I see this fine mist falling on my head. That little rotten thing emptied his bladder right on my head. He even got a drop in my right eye! No sooner had I figured what was happening then he finished his business and ran away unscathed.

And so it came to be that I thwarted certain death by the mightly Wisconsin gray squirrel by doing my best immitation of a 6'4" camo urinal cake.   "[dntthnk]"
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Rick McGowan on April 03, 2003, 11:22:00 AM
I was working in Chattanooga, TN for a couple years and there was a leveled off area near to my appartment, where I would go and shoot judos at clumps of mud, old shoes etc. One evening a half dozen rugrats about 6-7 years old show up and I thought oh great, I better pack up before calls the police saying that I am endangering children, but beofre I can put my stuff away, I have to answer several dozen questions and let each one try to pull my bow. Then one of them picks up an empty soda can runs out somewhere past 50 yards sets it up on a dirt pile and says shoot it! Well I tried to turn that offer down, but they weren't having it, so finally I just threw the bow up and was going to launch an arrow in the general direction, but as I started to draw, I thought, what the heck, I'll see how close I can come. That judo tipped arrow hit the can DEAD CENTER and ripped it completely in half. One of the rugrats exclaimed,"THIS GUY IS GOOD!" I bit my lip to keep from laughing and quickly put the bow away, before any of them could say "do it again". RicMic  :p
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Steve H. on April 03, 2003, 11:29:00 AM
Alright I have one.  I was hunting pigs in TX back around March '97 and we spotted a group of five little "crockpot pigs" as in the kind that the whole thing will fit in a crockpot when dressed.  There were two brown ones and three black ones.  I belly crawl in the grass behind a stock pond and zero in on a purty little brown one.  

I pull up and shoot and pigs run everywhere including a black one with my arrow in his side.  Turns out I shot over the brown one and skewered a black on in the background.  Actually, turns out that that was the first critter killed in North America with a 190 grain Ribtek.

I have another one involving a coyote but I dunno if I want to admit to it!
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Rick Boyer on April 03, 2003, 01:29:00 PM
heres one.. Was hog hunting at my favorite pond. spoted 2 hogs 65 70 yrds away. started the stalk go within 20 yrds of them at this time I could see there where at least 12 to 15 of them so I picked a good eating size one around 65 lbs and let her fly complete pass thru hogs went crazy runing all over the place nocked a secound arrow piced a secound hog heart shot droped right there at this point im thinking Im the man.. well come to find out it was the same hog I stuck the first time  :knothead:  . cant believe I just admitted this..

Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Pat B on April 03, 2003, 02:46:00 PM
One of our club members was in a tree hoping for his first bow kill, when a spike walked in. John readied himself and took a shot. The arrow went low, struct a branch, ricochet(sp)AND TRAVELED TO PARTS UNKNOWN and the spike ran off. A few minits later he heard something comming. It was the spike he thought he had missed, dragging his gutson the ground and layed down under John's tree and died.
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: bohuntr on April 03, 2003, 03:32:00 PM
About 5 or 6 years ago a buddy and I were hunting elk near Lynx Pass in Co. It was the first part of the season and it had been extremely hot and dry (temps in high 80's). We had been hunting several days without seeing elk and without seeing any fresh sign. I was checking out an area we had not hunted yet when I ran into alot of very fresh sign. I found a bunch of elk droppings that were stll really moist and found a series of fresh rubs still dripping sap. These trees were rubbed as high as my head (I'm 6'05").Needless to say I was getting excited. I moved quitely ahead until I found a good spot to setup and start calling. Just as I was going to start cow calling a squirel in a nearby tree spotted me and started the loudest alarm call I have ever heard from such a little critter. I was upset by this turn of events and in frustration drew back on the ngsob not intending to actually shoot. Well you all know how it is sometimes when you hit full draw and you aquire the target. The bow just "went off". Anyway I dead centered the litlle varmint with my 125 gr Muzzy. I went over to the tree to remove the arrow and discovered that there was a deceptive break in the terrain. The spot in the tree where the arrow and the deceased were lodged was a good 10ft above my head. No branches to climb so left the remains as a warning to any other small woodland creatures who might have the idea of aiding and abetting the elk. If you end up hunting near Lnyx Pass keep your eyes open for the skeletal remains of that ngsob.  Dan
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Jerry Gille on April 04, 2003, 12:02:00 PM
I have a few stories to share and they all involve squirrels.

Was bowhunting squirrels a day after Christmas one year here in Illinois.  Walked down a fence line full of large oaks.  Walked under one of them and noticed a squirrel tail hanging down from a limb over my head.  I backed up a small hill and could just barely make out his head looking at me.  He's laying flat on the limb with just his head showing.  I figured I caught him out in the open and he just laid flat to hide like they sometimes do.  Anyway, I concentrated on his head and let an arrow go.  It was a perfect shot and took him right off the limb.  But I noticed he wasn't falling right.  Even when you head shoot them they usually fall with a little life to them.  He was just limp, which they usually don't go that limp immediately.  He hit the ground and never twitched.  I knew something wasn't right so I walked over and checked him out.  That's when I saw that something had eaten his belly out.  Just then I recalled the scream of a hawk earlier as I neared this spot.  I apparently spooked him off of his kill, and then took it from him.  I felt real bad.  Couldn't get the squirrel back up on the high limb but I did lay it on the fence hoping the hawk would find it after I left.  Best darn head shot I ever wasted on an already dead squirrel.  You know, not everyone is capable of sneaking within bow range of deceased squirrels!

I was in a stand at daybreak one morning when a squirrel came across the treetops and into my tree.  I turned into the tree, raised my bow to face up at him, and waited for him to come down.  He came down, saw me drawing, and turned to go back up.  The arrow caught him and went on through.  He ran up into the tree more.  I've taken this shot enough to know what happens next.  The arrow has to come back down, and when you shoot straight up, all you can do in a stand is await your fate, and I always shoot broadheads at small game.  I heard it come back down through the leaf canopy, and then it slammed into my stand just a couple inches from my right boot.  It fell to the ground and I was looking down at it feeling pretty proud that I dodged yet another dumb situation that I brought upon myself.  I was feeling good about my fortune when I heard something above me and remembered the squirrel.  I looked up just in time to see him free-falling right on me.  He hit me in the head and still had some life to him, although not much thank God!  I still can't believe I managed to not fall out of that stand that morning.

My five year old son and I were squirrel hunting last year.  A squirrel came out onto a limb above us, looked down at us, and started barking at us.  I shot straight up, and missed.  Again, I knew the arrow was coming back down so I grabbed my son, pushed him up against the tree, and covered his head and body with my body.  The arrow landed about 15 or so feet away so we were fine.  He pushed me off of him and said, "What are you doing?"  "Get off of me!"  I told him I was just checking him out for ticks.  I knew if he told his mommy what happened he'd never get to squirrel hunt with me again!  When we got home he told his mom we didn't "catch" any squirrels but that I did tackle him once to save him from a tick!  Yeah, I never fessed up to that one either.

One more squirrel story.  I found an old squirrel arrow of mine sticking in the ground one morning while bowhunting squirrels.  I pulled it out of the ground and it broke off behind the point somewhere which never came out of the ground.  The arrow was very warped, didn't have a point on it, didn't have feathers on it, and the nock had been chewed and melted beyond recognition.  I stuck it in the quiver to take home and throw away.  I was down to two arrows left that morning when a big fat squirrel came down an oak tree and stopped.  I missed him with my last two arrows.  Not worried, he came closer, grabbed a nut out of a fork in the tree, sat down and started cutting it.  I never  hesitated to reach for that pointless, featherless, short, and crooked shaft.  I managed to get it nocked, sort of, drew it half way back, and let it go.  I didn't see it hit the squirrel but I knew it did.  He fell out of the tree and I went to look for him.  I finally found him trying to hide under a log with only his belly and rear end exposed.  I knew it was a real bad idea to step on that end of a very alive squirrel, but I just couldn't get at his head and was out of arrows anyway.  I stomped down on his rear end with my boot and all hell broke loose.  He yanked his head out from under that log and immediately turned on my boot, attacking it with his teeth and front claws.  He ended up loosing the fight, but had I let up pressure on him just a bit, I believe he would have charged straight up my leg to invade and conquer the land of my family owned jewels!

I love bowhunting squirrels.

Jerry Gille
Title: Re: How About the Funniest Shot?
Post by: Kota on April 04, 2003, 12:32:00 PM
My hunt took place about 8 years ago near my home in northern Michigan. I was still hunting a side ridge one afternoon. I came to a trail that came down from the pine stand on top, and led to the edge of a big beaver pond. The wind was right, and there was a balsam right near the trail that I could hide under, after cutting a couple limbs. I backed up under the little tree and made myself comfortable to wait out the daylight. About an hour later, a nice forkhorn came out of the pines, feeding as he went, but not on the trail. I was ready for the shot if one came, arrow on the bow. well, the little buck kept working along the top of the ridge until he was too far to the right and too close to move on. I knew he would catch my wind soon, and the jig would be up so I just waited to see how close he would get before he blew out of there. He kept coming until he was close enough I could hear him breathing and munching as he fed. When he got around to the other side of the tree from me, he caught my scent. Instead of running in the oposite direction, he jumped through the side of the tree,  :scared:   kicking me in the leg with his front feet, and knocking my bow out of my hand  :o  . He then ran about 40 yards out and looked back  :p   at the strange animal rolling around on the ground in pain, and laughing. Broke my arrow and knocked a good size chunk of hide off my left shin.  

"Aim Small, Miss Small" Kota >>>>----->
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Post by: Dr. Ed Ashby on April 04, 2003, 07:55:00 PM
Jerry, I agree.  Squirrels seem to be the 'leading animal' in this thread'.

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Post by: Biff on April 04, 2003, 10:12:00 PM
Back in the middle 50's, I was shooting a "field coarse" with two older fellows,(I was about 13)and George was the club president, and also the best shot in the club, and the best hunter! We had a special trophy that if anyone hit 14 bulls eye's on one of the halve's (14 targets 4 arrows at each target), they would win this trophy,(a real beauty!). On the last target, George needed 2 bulls. The other fellow Fred, hadn't said a word as George started to shoot. 4 arrows at each target, his first skimmed the edge of the bull,(a 30 yd shot at an 18' face.) His second missed, 3-4 inches out. Still needing 1 more bull, his 3rd arrow missed again by 1-2 inches! As he drew his last arrow, Fred cut the loudest gas bomb I ever heard, and immediatly all 3 of us roared with laughter, the tension gone, the odor killing us!! A bunch of kids acting like that! George's last arrow didn't even hit the hay bail! He never said a word!