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Oily Rag Safety - A Reminder

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Careful with those oil-based finishes.  This guy did a test with different finishes on rags left in different configurations to see if anything would happen.  He gets a few fires, but the timing of each is a bit unsettling.  The video is pretty long, but worth a watch.

wood carver 2:
Thanks for posting this video. I don’t take chances with oily rags. I hang them to dry before throwing them away.
It’s good to see how easily they can actually catch fire though. Pretty sobering.

Mad Max:
I use lacquer thinner every now and then but always un fold the rag and lay flat on concrete until dry, only 1 layer deep.

I'm guessing most people know if you bale hay before it's dry it can smoke and burn.

Same as Mark, or on gravel outside

Jeff Freeman:
I never leave any thinner rags, used paint strainers or mixing cups in the garage. They all go outside,air out and into the garage can, right away. JF 


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