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Where should I make centercut?

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Brand new to bow building, and I've been thinking through my design I'm working on. One thing I'm stuck on, is how far I should cut to center/past.

3 piece R/D Longbow, 1.5" wide on the riser.

A little background, I'm a full time woodworker, and huge traditional archer. Competitive, hunting, general fun. I'm stuck on where to cut to center, because I'm a huge wood arrow shooter. 11/32 and 23/64 POC are my medicine. I want to make this bow easy to tune, specifically to my wood arrow set ups. I'm building a 3 piece so I can work on limbs and riser independently, so when I have one I like, I can just work through the other. My gut instinct says for sake of ease, I'd cut the shelf 16/64 past center (.25"). Therefore, when I put a 1/16" strike plate on the shelf, the true center of the (11/32) arrow is true center of the bow/string. Is this pretty typical, is there a standard? Thoughts?

Forgot to mention, I'm designing/cutting the riser on my CNC. So, when I'm shooting to be exact to 1/64" of an inch, I'm very specific in that lol

I'd do as you are planning provided you will have enough meat left in the riser for safety.  Did you ever notice how so many of the pleas for help tuning are from the carbon shooters?

I'm probably wrong, but my theory is I want the arrow to have to bend a little passing riser to make all arrows flex the same direction.

 It wouldn't take much ... :thumbsup:

Mad Max:
What wood for the riser :dunno:

I want .700 (just under 3/4") thick left after cutting in the site window.
But you want to be wider (about 2") at the width (picture 2)

These curved strips make the Walnut much stronger.


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