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Tillering Gizmos for St Jude

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Eric Krewson:
I got in fancy tillering gizmo mode a few weeks ago, I made up 7 to raise money for St Jude. I have two left, I have already shipped 5 off for donations to St Jude over at the PA site, one guy was extra generous and donated $50 each for three of them, I raised $190.

The are spalted wood laminated to a hard wood core. Roy even gave me the spalted wood for the lighter colored one. Spalted wood is fairly soft and needs the reinforcement of the core wood. The spalted wood in these has been soaked with superglue to toughen it up a bit.

I will call the lighter one, gizmo #1, the darker one gizmo #2

If you want one of these say "I want gizmo#1 or #2" in the comment section below.

A $20 donation to St Jude and it will be headed your way, I pay the shipping. Don't make a donation before sending me a PM saying which one you want to make sure it is still available.

If you are first in line, I will tell you so. You make the donation, I will give you a link by PM, give me the donation confirmation number and your address, the gizmo will be headed your way.

I added another picture of the darker one as its beauty is hard to see behind the lighter one and slightly out of focus.


Those are sweet! Nice job Eric!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Pat B:
Very nice, Eric.  :thumbsup:

I want gizmo #1.

Eric ill take #2


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