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Weird limb noise issue

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I've got a hybrid long bow that came back to me with a clicking noise.... The weird part about it, is that it only makes the noise after it has sat strung up for 12 hours or more, then it only does it once... Sometimes it's a double click, and always happens in the first part of the draw..... I've had it happen stringing the bow once too..... After the initial "Click" it doesn't do it again after shooting 30-40 arrows through it and letting it set an hour or so.... It only does it after  12 hours being strung , or over night.

Man i've pulled my hair out trying to figure out where the noise is coming from, and until this morning i finally figured out its definitely coming from one of the limbs.... I put these limbs on a different riser and other limbs on the riser that came back....The riser is solid and right on. But, I just got the same click out of it on a different riser, with a different string....

There are no signs of any limb damage, or lamination voids, or anything visible at all. Location pin holes are fine, as well as the pins, and they are cleaned out and polished... I'm at a loss for what's making the noise, but it's loud.

Anyone ever had this happen to them?

Mark R:
Same limbs on different riser,  tip string grooves maybe   :dunno:

Very mysterious, sorry can’t be of any help.

Crooked Stic:
Have you got any type of lube on your pads and line up pins? I smear a bit of potty wax (new)  :biglaugh: on mine  And check all your overlays to be sure they are not loose or fractured.

 look at the string groves bellie side before its pulled.
Mabe a small twisted limb.


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