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John Scifres:
I've been reworking my bowmaking shop, i.e. my garage.  One thing I always wanted was a very organized tool wall with all my bowyer tools.  I've got a bit to grow too.  But at this point, besides my chainsaw and some splitting tools, along with my bandsaw, these are all I ever use. I do have my tape, pencil and caliper on my bench.  Not to mention my favorite tool, my Ferret's Floppy Bowyer's Rule.  Left to right is the general order of things. I even have an osage mallet and the plane shelf is also osage.

Looks great man!  I wish my garage/shop was half as organized as that  :biglaugh:  Love the osage mallet as well, I may have to make one of those!

Here is my hand tool wall…. :biglaugh:

Roy from Pa:
Nice, John. :thumbsup:

Hey kirk ya use that moss to cushion the limb pads? :biglaugh:

Great Job John!


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