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harry 62:
I need some help on stack. I am going to build a mid 40s 60 " one piece recurve. I would normally use .260 but end with .002 taper. I have been reading on here about using .001 or parallel for a more stabil limb at lighter poundage.The bow will be semi static the hook without the extra tip reinforcement. 22" riser limbs tapered from fadeout to tip.

The latest off my form is 0.245" stack 0.001" taper with 22" riser gave 40 pretty much spot on.

I think 0.255" or so should get you in the ball park.

I can’t help you on stack height. The shape of your limb, and limb pad angle will effect your stack height too.

But… the .001 taper rate will help out torsional stability a lot. Once you get below 40# go to a parallel, and 30# a reverse taper. Nothing worse than building light weight limbs that want to go sideways just looking at them wrong. Kirk

Crooked Stic:
Same form just changing taper 255 might be a bit heavy and use some stable core to.

harry 62:
do you count the .015 stable core in your stack or is it stiffer like carbon. I am having trouble with going from .002 to.001 making the middle and tip .020 and .030 thicker. Better a little heavy than too light.


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