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2017 High Country Shoot June 23-25

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Stop by and say hi, I am at the booth selling hats, tees etc probably 75% of the time.

The map to the shoot is up on our website.

Mike Theis:
Kadbow - yes, I will stop by. I need another long sleeve shirt, and a vehicle decal. Sold my Jeep, now I need another decal for my new rig. And I'll be looking for a CTAS patch for my quiver, if there is such a thing. I'll trade you a WIsconsin Traditional Archers patch for it, if you want one. Our patch is pretty cool.

Looking forward to getting up in the mtns again.

Is there any additional info ?  What will be available at the site ?  Cost for shooting ?  Requirements to shoot ?  Camping etc ?

Sent you a pm Chuck.


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