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My 1st wood/glass bow build

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SoNevada Archer:
Hi all,
Dano talked me into posting a few pic's of my 1st wood/glass bow. I made it out of zebra wood riser and bacote wood for the limbs.
It's not perfect but shoots well.
I am starting a new one for my son-in-law. I am taking build along pictures of that one, so I'll post them when I have them all done.


Pluck Yew:
My,My,My, That is purty...specs please..(everybody wants somethin')  :readit:  


Dang nice Bro!! But its wronghanded!! LOL

Very nice work   :thumbsup:

SoNevada Archer:
Thanks guys!
Kenny...I think that all the time...when I look at all you other guys stuff!
Shawn, I was shooting for 50# @ 28"...ended up with a light 48#'s (47&3/4lbs)But it does throw the arrows.


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