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Dick in Seattle:
Things progress.... Boyd brought over the oven today,and the glass and lams arrived.   I cleaned up the Hill side of my double form, which obviously hadn't been used in a long, long time but had been used frequently.   It is glass covered, and I smoothed it up quite well.   the one experience i have with doing this we just waxed the glass surface and then laid up the bow.   I've seen pix of the use of saran wrap on the form.   I've also talked with Boyd, who has lined a form with aluminum strip.   I'd appreciate some talking to about advantages, disadvantages of different approaches.  Using the saran wrap seems like an especially nice and easy approach... but... does the wrap cling to the lamination and if so, how hard is it to get off.

Dick in Seattle... who's looking at this huge oven in his tiny garage and wondering where on earth he's going to keep one when he builds his own.....

Pluck Yew:
Dick, newbie here..I just glued up a wood laminated bow..(osage,cherry,hickory)..tied that sucker down with inner tube..used saran wrap to protect form..must say most of saran wrap came off easily..(98 percent) any that is left is going to be removed during the sanding got more glue to worry about than saran wrap...


Dick in Seattle:
Pluck Yew....    thanks for that input... hope there's more.  However, your bow interests me.     I have some red oak and hickory and have been thinking of an all wood bow - oak, hickory, oak.   I'd love to know what thickneses you used and what poundage you ended up with.   Not exactly on the theme here of saran wrap, but maybe you could email me direct and we could exchange a few posts and maybe a pix of it?  my email address is:

[email protected]

Dick in seattle

Pluck Yew:
Hey Dick, message box is full!!!


Hey Dick, the saran wrap is a must,keeps the glue off the form and releases the bow from the form also,so you don't have to chisel it off! Like Shawn said it comes off the bow easily .
I saw a heat box somebody made that you just set over the form on the floor,probably could make it light enough to move easily.
Keep us posted on progress!!


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