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Billet question?


I have two hickory billets that are from a stave in order for me to splice them together would i need to run the bellies over a plainer to get them flat?  Problem is i don't have one and was wondering how I can splice them without it.  Any advice would be better than the wood sitting there not being a bow.  Thanks

Pat B:
You should be able to get then flat enough with a rasp. Be sure to cut the handle profile(back to belly) before cutting the splice. If you use a "Z" splice you can cut both billets at the same time by stacking one on the other.  Pat

Eric Krewson:
You can clamp your billets to a flat piece of lumber and run them through a bandsaw. Jim Fetro had a good tutorial on how to cut them this way but the link has gone cold. I have done a bunch this way with very good results.

crooked river:
A nice bench plane will get you where you need to be...

Roy Steele:


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