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Well I've been bitten by the bow I'm working on a red oak flatbow and I've gotten down to the short string today...


The limb on the right actually doesn't pull back straight(it twists), You can kind of see it in the pic. How do I correct this so it bends straight? Also how does the tiller look at this point? Thanks in advance for any advice or input...


Pluck Yew:
David, taking into account I am new to bow making I look at it the right limb seems to twist towards me.. conventional wisdom says take wood off the low side...away from the high end of the twist...this should correct the twist...  :scared:  


I wouldn't worry about the limb twist in a selfbow made out of a stave.  I've only made about 10 of them and it was a few years ago so I'm no expert but out of the 10 I bet 5 had a limb with some twist.  It's what the wood wants to do so let it.  It won't affect shootability as long as the tiller is good.  

Hopefully a selfbow guru will chime in here and back me up.   :thumbsup:

Apex Predator:
I would say tiller is looking good, so far.  I'm a little worried about your handle popping off though.    It's bending right up to the handle, so probably trying to bend through the handle.  If you have plenty of wood left to take off before making weight, leave the limbs alone within a couple of inches of the handle.  That way it will bend less.  This illustration helped me to wrap my head around correcting twist.  Hope it helps.


Thanks Guys,
Apex, thanks for the illustration...I'll try that...This is basically a test bow to get my feet wet, so weight isn't an issue...I'm just trying to get a shootable bow that will stay together...This is something that I want to get into because:
A. I have the equipment.
B. There is a hardwood sawmill nearby and I can
 get local hardwoods cheap.
C. I love bows and making stuff, so this is double the fun!!!

I'll add some new pics as I go along, thanks again...



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