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um i am 14 and i need help, i saw a bow kit for sale, it is ipe with bamboo backing and ipe grip and riser. i would like to know if this would be good to build thank you for helping me im new to this forum thing so if i did anything wrong tell me and will try to fix it

ipe would be a real hard bow to start with. A simple red oak board bow would be your best bet.

Ipe and bamboo would make a fine bow, but keep in mind that Ipe is a very dense and tough wood.  Might be a bit tough for a first attempt and just hand tools... I'm not want to put limits on someones ability, so if you wanna do it, go for it, you can do anything you put yer mind to.    I'm getting ready to do one myself, just haven't worked out the details yet, and I have two other bows I'm working on.  Post pics as you go, and ask don't hesitate to ask questions.

Apex Predator:
Ipe is very tough and resilient to beginners mistakes.  I say go for it!

Roy Steele:
Start out with something simble.Hickory 66" 1 3/4 wide to your weight and draw.Hard to go wrong starting out.


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