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Dick in Seattle:
So, I'm starting to get into this bowmaking thing.  My first two efforts I finished using the same wipe on poly finish I used on wood arrows.  Looks good, seems to last well.   Ah, you hear a "but" coming...
Yes, you do.   I'm not a perfectionist... more of a "get a good job done quickly", very impatient kind of a guy.   I'm actually pretty OK with my poly finish as far as a result goes, but it does take me four to six days.  Only about 10 to 20 minutes a day to wipe on a and to rub down the previous coat, but still...   I'd like to identify a good aerosol spray can finish (don't have a spray gun) that can be sprayed on and dries fast.   Any suggestions, anything that other folks use but I just don't know about, or is this hoping for too much?

shaft slinger:
Deft, goes on good and dries in 30min. been using it for 15 years with no problem

You can get Tru-Oil in aerosol form.  Check out Brownells website.  I haven't used that version but have had decent results with the rub on stuff.


I told Marty - Apex Predator - about an aerosol finish that Brownells also carries called "Custom Oil".  It is an oil / urethane blend.  I don't know if he tried it as I think he is using spray on epoxy.

See the link:

I used it in my gunsmithing shop for stocks.  I liked it and it held up to weather well.  I did fill pores as I layered and then cut it back flush with wet/dry.  A couple of top coats and it was done.  A can would easily finish two or three stocks.  In the right temp and humidity, I could get three coats on in a day.


Ray, thanks for the link, I think I'm gonna give that stuff a try.  How does it compare to BC Tru Oil? I thought about using Massey finish to fill the grain and then do the outer finish with oil finish.


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