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Need some help please!!

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I am trying to build a bow with a riser block. i have try a couple of times and it keep coming off. i am using 5 min epoxy. i was wonder is somebody would sent me some good 2 part glue for bow building. i will pay for the shipping. Thanks ßÚçK§HØT!!

Dick in Seattle:
have you tried heat curing it with a hair dryer?   Might help.   If you've had it on and off, you probably need to prep both surfaces down to clean wood again.  I've only done one riser that way, and so far, no trouble

Hmm.. another thought... what kind of five minute epoxy are you using... the two part kind where you squeeze and it comes out of two tubes?

Hopefully, guys with a lot more experience than mine will check in, but mine did work..

Pluck Yew:
Dylan, You should try titebond III... at any hardware store ..I could ship you some urac 185 but you'd be better off going to home depot.. 5 bucks.. bam.. your done..


i didn't heat cure it.i have took all of the glue off before regluing. i am using the tubed kind.

i might try the titebond III i have heard of it.thanks

Pluck Yew:
Dylan, I am new to bow making (working on # 12)but you name the glue and I have it in my garage..was skeptical about comments about "any yellow wood glue will be fine"..but have used 2 part epoxy, gorilla, c2,(super glue)..smooth-on..urac 185..titebond II,..titebond III,..and for ease of use (for wood lam bows)Titebond III is what I use.. I have not had a glue failure with it yet.. and I don't know what I'm .. with the advice of many here when I glue wood to wood I use titebond III...



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