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how to build takedown limbs??


I am considering building limbs for my bear takedown magnesium riser.  The limbs my bow currently has just slip into the limb pockets and are held in place by a magnesium lip.
I was thinking that I could build new limbs myself.  I would need a piece of lumber to trace the old limbs onto and cut that form.  Buy several large C clamps also.

Once I glue laminations I put them into the form and clamp them together until dry, right?
Then I start to trace the limb tips and cut them with a coping saw?  

Am I on the right track?

I figure it would be a lot easier to build limbs only than having to work out a whole bow.  I would basically be copying the existing limb shape and glueing it up.

Hey Nick,
 You can make a form by laminating plywood to the right thickness with common wood glue or buying the stuff premade for beams,can't think what its called.(help me out somebody)
Rather than c clamps,if you plan to make only 1 set of limbs,personally I'd go with the rubber band method for clamping.
If you plan on making several sets,an air hose type form would be better IMO,either way you need a way to heat the form and limb to cure the glue,from puttin it in the car on a warm day to a fancy hotbox.
 Heres how  I make forms,this one is a hybrid,but you can adapt it to a TD limb fom easily.

Kenny, you mean a "Mircolam Beam" material used in construction.
BTW, if you are needing laminations and veneers look up Kennym's website.  He can fix you up.


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