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Snakeskinning a bow

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I skinned and air dried a couple of canebreak rattlers and attached them to the limbs of one of my recurves.  Then to give it the wet look I put several coats of polyurethane on them.  It turned out beautiful.  The only issue was that the brown bands turned a slight gray/green.  It still looks good, what should I have used other than the polyurethane to maintain the original color?

Pat B:
I don't know why the color changed. Did you remove the scales before you sealed the skins?      Pat

Yes I did, I used a standard Minwas fast drying gloss polyurethane.  Maybe that had something to due with it.

Pat B:
I generally use Tru-Oil over snake skins so I don't know how poly would react to the skins color. If you have a scrap piece, try a bit on it and see. Pat

Thanks, I'll give it a try on the next one.


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