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Spraying Glass Bow Finishes

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Jerry Gille:
I need to ramp up my finishing techniques for glass bows.  I've got a junk, cheapo spray gun that I've been using with Thunderbird epoxy.  To say I'm terrible with it would be an understatement.

Looking for advice on spraying equipment and techniques for Thunderbird expoxy applications please.



Buying a nice gravity fed gun will help alot. Even a nice "touch up" gun Little smaller than regular will work great and cost much less. Also most important is a good water filter. People have no clue how much water comes out the end of a compressor. I even would recommend a up hill run of pipe with a water filter at the top and bottom to catch most of it. When water mixes with what ever you spray it will always come out like crap.

I have a good article about brushing on Thunderbird.  Let me know if you want an e-copy.

Apex Predator:
I just bought a single action Paashce airbrush to spray Fullerplast.  I am very happy with it.  I would think that the Thunderbird would spray close to the same.  I spray about 1 oz per each finish coat.

Jerry Gille:
Thanks for the responses so far.  I have a water filter installed now, and agree that it's important.  A small touch up gun is exactly what I was interested in buying too.

Tim, I'd like a copy please.  Email to  Thanks!

I was thinking about buying an air brush too.  That my wife and kids could play with it too.

Thanks all.


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