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Any advantages to the Holmegaard design?

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Not to ask a silly question, but is there any advantage to the Holmegaard style bow?  Is ther any reason to make one other than history?

Just curious.

When made correctly the tips are stiff, narrow, deep and light compared to other bows.  Stiff light tips = better performance.

John Scifres:
Jeremy has it right.  The holmegaard design is intended to reduce mass at the tips.  Mass out on the ends does a lot of harm to efficiency.  

In general, tips are stiff to help keep string angle low to reduce stack.  They are kept stiff by either leaving them wider or thicker.  Wood that is twice as wide is twice as stiff.  Wood that is twice as thick is 4-8 times as stiff.  It follows that you can reduce mass (weight) at the tips by making them thicker rather than wider.

You can also use the needle tips as weapons when you run out of arrows  ;)  I put trocar tips I mine for that very reason  ;)

Seriously's just as Jeremy and John explained.

Ray  ;)

OK, that makes sense.  The Holmegaard design just looks odd because of the unsual tiller. Since the limbs do not bend in a continuous curve, I was wondering how it could be an efficient design.



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