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Taking a couple of #'s off of a long bow. Taking glass off of a particular limb bring that limb closer to the string or make it further? I'm an 1/8 closer at the bottom than the top but looking for 1/16. I have taken several bows down but I'm having a brain $#^& this morning. Thanks.

Pat B:
Taking glass off would weaken that limb and put it farther from the string. I don't know why you are worrying about 1/16" anyway.     Pat

Thanks Pat. Not concerned at all. Just bowyer friend tries to get that. I just shot bow and it is shooting sweet @ 48#s so not be messing with it anymore. I will document this info so next time my brain goes stupid. At 64 that happens time to time.
 Thank you and have a good'un. Ralph.

  Take width not thickness on glass bows...

I just worked with the taper on both front and back and got her down to 48#s and shooting sweet. Tiller is a bit less than an 1/8" at the fade outs and at a halfway point between fade outs and end of bow.  I've done that to several bows to get the weight down to the area that this old dude ought to be shooting. Finally had to admit that 60#s + was a thing of the past. I be the thing that's getting plenty + 60.  The heavy bows probably caused most of my bad habits anyway. Hard for an old feller to admit to things sometimes but I'm shooting well and 45-48#'s ought to take care of anything I be after. Thanks for advice.


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