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Finished sanding and added a couple of coats of valspar satin enamel last night. It is the interior/ exterior premium grade. Supposed to be non yellowing, UV resistant and flexible.I'll let y'all know how it holds up. The bow turned out 49 lbs. @ 28". Riser is brazillian rosewood, maple accent stripe, osage in grip area. Limbs are actionboo core, osage back, cherry belly. Osage and cherry riser overlays. Red and brown tip overlays. I'm gonna let it sit through the weekend to get the best possible cure out of it, before I string it up again.  We've had above 90% humidity all week here! Easily the best feeling bow at the shot I've made so far. Pretty dead in the hand, pts great, I guess you can tell I'm excited!   :bigsmyl:   -Greg

Apex Predator:
Great job!  That's a looker for sure.

Good lookin bow!! Ever notice how hard it is to take a bow pic? I can never do em justice!! LOL

Nice work! Love the lines.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
Kenny, I cant take a picture to do it justice thats for sure! I probably need a new camera or something! LOL. I took about twenty and still am not satisfied. I get the same feeling with the camera that I get filing my nocks  :help:    :biglaugh:


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