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My highlight this year was taking this Impala ram. It was a 28 meter shot. I used a 54" Windauer Wolverine longbow 68 # @ 27". Carbon Express Terminator Selects tipped with Zwickey No Mercy. Total arrow weight was 600g.
I shot straight thru the heart, he ran about 30 yards and piled up! Absolutely thrilling hunt that I will never forget!
Here's some pics...

Dang thats cool, congrats.

Trad Man 25:
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What did you get in the end,
Europen mount or sholder mount??

You have to put your Steenbock up here, coz thats a walk and stalk that none of us will EVER forget.

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I went for a Euro mount with a flatskin in the end.  ;)  I prefer just the skulls and skins than shoulder mounts. Plus they're cheaper to transport and ship!  :D

Haha...yeah I'll have to post that sometime!  :thumbsup:

WOW Great picture and hunt , congrats!!!!!!


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