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ozy clint:
i went rabbit hunting late yesterday afternoon at an all time favourite hunting spot of mine. heaps of rabbits and great scenery to look out while your at it. i haven't been to this spot for about 18 months. one thing that's changed is that all the big blackberry bushes that used to make the place great have been pushed up and burned. there's still 100's of rabbits around it's just that's it's now alot more open than it used to be, making it very difficult to get within range.
still i did take my 1st traditional rabbit at 12-14m with a home made blunt in a rockier area more suitable for stalking. missed plenty of others but hey i'm not real good at 35-50m shots,LOL. will be back there soon.

all up i saw probably 50-70 rabbits most out of range. was great to get back to a spot i love so much and score my 1st trad rabbit. unfortunately i wasn't able to eat it because it had a big hytadid worm cyst on it's flank. oh well i'll just have to go and get another one! hope you enjoy.    

Congrats  :thumbsup:

nice job thanks for sharing mate

Benny Nganabbarru:

Chris Surtees:
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