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2 years ago I took this picture next to the field I hunt.


2 years ago by my blind


last year heading to the field I hunt


last year heading towards my blind


A week before I shot him


heading towards the blind 3 days before I shot him.


Saturday evening 10-11-08, 12 yd heart shot, Rodney Wright Stalker recurve, 2020 with Magnus 2

42-5/8 total mass



Steve in Canton:
Great Buck, i was wandering about the short bow until I saw the next picture with you in a wheelchair.  Who mad the recurve, I have a friend who was paralized from the waist down and would love to shoot a bow again but has not been able to find one that he is able to draw.

Excellent buck!!!

Mike Bolin:
Nice buck for sure! It is really special to have all of the photos of him prior to the actual kill. How long is that Stalker recurve? The angle in the photo makes it really short! Congrats on a fine buck! Mike

The Stalker is 46"
I got the bow 2 years ago from the classifieds on this site. I shot 2 does with it that fall.

Last year I shot a small 8 with my Martin Hunter and a big doe with my Tiger Shrew flatbow.

After I shot the buck this year, a few weeks later I shot a doe with my Elburg Cherokee flatbow and a week later a doe with my Pronghorn flatbow.



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