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First Traditional Deer

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All year long I have read all of your stories and seen posted pictures

 I had visulized these moment for a long time , and never did I imagine I was going to be as pleased as I am now

I wanted a good buck but any buck with my long bow would have been a trophy

I placed my ground blind on Friday in the middle of the day in a place where there was a lot of deer sign

My first morning in the blind this buck came walking by 6.5 year old 8 point buck , the rest is in the pictures

Bob lee signature long bow with short 15 riser 53@27 with mfx beeman classic arrows and 125gr snuffers (these are great!!!!) they do whistle but make a lot of damage




Robert Warnock:
What a great first buck! Congratulations


A well deserved buck.

Muy buen hecho!

Congrads! Talk about a great first buck!


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