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First trad kill EVER!!

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I finally did it! I finally connected on my first kill ever with my longbow. Me and my friend Wayne have been talking about doing a hunt with traditional bows for small game for some time. Now that its deer season its been tough but after he killed a 140inch 10 point with his gun last week we decided to head out today. We sat for a while hoping to get some squirrels I suggested we switch spots so we did. I left him for a little bit and went and snuck around no luck.

When we met up says he's been shooting at this chipmunk for a while that just keeps coming back out. He came back out and Wayne took a shot just missing the chipmunk. I then stepped up to take a shot but he disappears but then reappears and goes on top of the stump. At 15 yards I decide to shoot him in the body but I figured id try a head shot. I draw anchor and watch my arrow launch off my longbow and connect.

 I couldn't believe it honestly I was in shock that I shot dead on. My friend didn't think I could take his nock off. After trying to talk my way out of it because I knew I could hit it I couldn't take it anymore and let his nock have it lol. Im really starting to over come this target panic for once im not worried about missing and I know I can make the shot. Sorry for the long post but guys this has been a dream of mine to take an animal with a longbow. Even though its just a chipmunk im really proud of it.

Congrats!  :clapper:  I'm sure it is just the first of many.

Great shooting! I've yet to hit one of those things.That should be a big confidence boost!Congrats!

Dave Bowers:
Hey those little one are tough to hit...congrats

just one of many.  Congrats


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