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Long Hammock shoot Sunday August 1, 2021

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Next Shoot Sunday August 1, 2021. This will be the Last shoot this year. A lot of people will be preparing for The TBOF
 Fall shoot, then Hunting Season.

Eric S:
Brevard Archers is having a traditional shoot the same day. Is this a monthly shoot y'all do? Have any other dates?

Every other Sunday.. This one is May 9th after that May 23rd 2021. Come on over and bring a friend or two  :campfire:

Eric S:
Yes sir,  wil do!  :thumbsup:

The June 6th shoot went well. Bigun brought a big bag of fresh Red Snapper, Dolphin (Mahi/ Dorado) and other fresh caught fish   ..there were a couple of beef steaks on the charcoal grill too.  .. We ate a fine lunch and the weather was good.


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