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DIY Pronghorn, public land


J. Holden:
Hello Nebraskans,

My name is Jeremy.  I've got the itch to hunt the pronghorn.  I was originally thinking about an outfitter in WY.  But I've hunted Nebraska, have family roots from Nebraska and overall love the state.

I know up in the Sandhill region there are pronghorn.  I'm specifically looking at taking the outfitter money I would spend and coming out the NE to hunt them on my own, on public land.

I'm wondering if anyone has hunted them on public land and if so where.  Also what is the bowhunting pressure like on the public land where the pronghorn run?

I appreciate the help and this hunt is not for this season but for the 2014 season.  Thanks!

-Jeremy   :coffee:

Your best bet would be the extreme NW corner. Lots of public ground and even private property not that hard to get permission.

J. Holden:
Thank you Eric!


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