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Jack Shanks:
I would like to hunt plains game in Africa for the first time this year and take my wife as a non-hunter. I think she would enjoy spending a day or two in a hide watching game but not the entire time we are there. Could someone recommend somewhere that there would be enough things for a non-hunter to do that they would have a enjoyable trip too?

Thanks,  Jack

Steve M:
There is plenty for the gals to do over there. A trip to Kruger park or one of the other parks is always nice and of course there is plenty of shopping to be done.

Often times wives enjoy filming the hubby's hunt from the same hide too. Great quality time together!

Best of luck on your trip!
Steve M.

Jack Shanks:
Thanks Steve, Remember we spoke last year about hunting together with Kruger? My wife's mother had some health issues so I couldn't commit. She ended up having surgery and everything turned out fine so I'm looking at going this year. I haven't contacted Kruger yet but I certainly plan on doing so before I book with anyone else. I just thought I would try to get more information on other possibilities before we make a decision.



I went with Ken Moody in '02, it was great.

He is offering a package, with a non-hunter rate of $50 per day for spouses.

Jack Shanks:
Thanks Twang,

 I've bee talking with Ken Moody in the last week or two. Sounds like a great deal. I hope to talk with one of the wives that have gone to Africa to get their impression first hand. Ten days and the travel back would be a long time to spend with my wife if she wasn't happy. If you know what I mean.
 I read on another site about a wife that was along and ended up spending the entire time sitting around camp. My wife wouldn't mind a little of that but I don't think she would handle ten days of it very well. I know I couldn't.



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