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Pictures of the Vitals on African Game

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I found a set of pictures showing the location of the vitals on African game animals. It was on a Hungarian bowhunting website.  Here is the URL:

You will need to click on the anatomia link in the menu to go to the page with the pictures.

If someone wants to add this to the How-To forum, go ahead.


herb haines:
Snakeeater ,
great , they are pics from "the perfect shot" .notice you shoot right at top or forward of front leg . if you shoot behind leg you are in trouble -- herb

Rick McGowan:
We N. American hunters have it drilled into our brains to shoot behind the shoulder and if we don't we will hit the Bermuda triangle of arrows, the dreaded shoulder blade, bah, that ain't where its at. If you are hitting the shoulder blade on broadside shots, you arrow wasn't goibng to hit anything important anyway. I recommend anyone going to Africa to study that book the "Perfect shot", all the cutaway photos were done by a veternarian. All the guys that come to Australia, I discuss the spot to hit also, its the same on a water buffalo as a cape buffalo, right above the "elbow", through the meat of the shoulder. Your arrow has to got through a bit more skin and muscle there, but a lot less rib. Rick

When I saw this stuff I thought, my buds on TG will love this stuff.  I knew about the difference in shot position so I thought I would spread the good word a bit.

Enjoy the pictures and a great and happy New Year to all.


herb haines:
that is the most pics i have seen from "The Perfect  Shot " almost have to shoot in front of the Giraffe to hit the heart . don't have enough room here for one of those would have parts  in every room in the house lol.
as i have never shot a whitetail with a bow can you shoot at the top of the leg on a broadside shot and put it into the lungs ,on pics and 3D have always tried for back of front leg--herb


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