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Hey Paul, Got any advise on hunting eland? I really want one of those big boys. Thanks, Denny

Rick McGowan:
I want one really bad also, probably the very next animal on my Africa want list. One evening we had five cows and a huge old bull coming to water, the cows all came and milled around in the water hole, the bull just kept walking in a straight line. Another evening we heard the ankle bone clicking and got ready THREE big bulls, two of them HUGE came to water, the biggest one came down to drink 16 yards away head on, I was just waiting for him to turn, when a %$#@$%$^% gemsbok decided that he wanted that water hole to himself and ran them off. By the way I had another gemsbok do the same thing with two potential record book wildebeest. Rick

8th Dwarf:
Well, Denny, I am no expert, but I did take a huge, old Bull.  I shot him from a tree stand with a Great Northern Critter Gitter.  I heard the clicking for 5 minutes before he came in.  He drank and dicked around for another 5 minutes before he turned to go...twang-thunk!  This 2,000 pound critter broke several trees right off on his death run.  

I have had others come in, but never had them do the broadside trick that was without problems.  I think the biggest problem is that they are seriously nocturnal.  Quite often, I will stay in a water hole blind past shooting light, waiting for a ride.  I'll hear the clicking back in the brush.  I have heard that Ha Nore has a bunch and they tend to be less nocturnal.

I have tried stalking them, but they always seem to be in the deepest Mopani, right along with the Buff.  Tough to get an arrow through that stuff, let alone walk quietly.

My best advice is to keep booking hunts and sooner or later you'll put it together.  Try coming to Kuduland with us.  There are a bunch of them there!

Too Short

Rick McGowan:
That was at GKS where I had my experience. The part I didn't tell you was that my ph was so upset that we didn't get a shot, that we went back to that same blind the next evening hoping the bulls would show up again and we stayed until it was pitch black inside the blind, although still light outside. This was after we had chased off a 9' black mamba, which he said would not come back. The next day another hunter and ph sat in that blind in the morning while the mamba came in the window! Makes you think. Rick

Thanks Paul. I remember seeing a picture of you with a dandy eland bull. Does Kudu Land have a website?


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