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Horn tip experiment

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I’ve been wanting to try a horn tip for awhile, and I had some pretty dense phenolic I thought I’d experiment with that has about the same density as water buffalo horn…..  Do you guys think this will work on a glass backed limb?

Please feel free to criticize, or make recommendations. After taking the photos I think it may be a wee bit too long…. What do you guys think?

Mad Max:
I was at the Tn. classic a few years ago and I sanded the stave at the same angle and glued on a tip.
Some will say it can raise a splinter and some say it doesn't bend there, It's OK.  :dunno:
Maybe cut a 1/4" off and reshape.

Some of your pictures it looks really long and some look a little long.
I had a stave that was a little short and did the same thing to make it 64" not 62" :thumbsup:

Crooked Stic:
With that angle you have where the pieces mate up I am not sure. That one I think might need some testing before it gets out the door.

If we're looking at this as a sort of scarf joint, just get as much surface area as possible and keep the nock on the first third where the meat is really on the bow still. Sorta how you have it but it looks to be where the 'horn' and bow thickness is equal

Thanks guys….

After looking at it again this morning, I think it’s too long. I’m not concerned with the strength of the scarf joint, or horn material where the tip notch is located.

What concerns me is the added weight extended past that string notch, and the momentum of the forward limb travel popping it loose at the belly side when the string stops the limb.

These are just aesthetic after all. From a performance standpoint the lighter your tips are the better….. but I love the looks of these full horn tips.

Thanks for the feed back….   Kirk


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