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I have this old Ben Pearson bow that I was going to try and rehab. The back of the bow has red glass on it with most of it having long white streaks in it running the length of the limbs. The top limb is worse than the bottom.  See attached picture - the streaks appear to be the full thickness of the glass.  It almost seems like the limbs were exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period?? I've pulled it back a few times and it seems stable - no weird noises...etc.
I was thinking about rubbing a layer of epoxy or CA over the top of the glass and then painting it.  This sound plausible?  Any other ideas?

Mad Max:
Probably sat in a garage and the wood swelled up and cracked the glass.
Keep shooting it.

I think i'd use the water thin super glue first and see if it wicks into the glass. that will tell you right now whether the glass has split, and if so, how deep it goes.

Hell yes!  give it a go. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Revamped limb(s)
Rubbed in 3-4 layers of water thin CA, roughed up surface with some 220 grit, masked off and painted.
Added some new tips.

Looks pretty sporty!  :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

Btw…. Did you use a clear coating over your paint? 


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