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Longbow limbs

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66in laminated longbow
I'm looking for constructive criticism on how my limbs are working amd if there is anything I can do to make it better then what it is now ...I see about an 1/8 difference on the bottom limb but was wondering what other more experienced bowyer see from the pics
Any help is appreciated as this is my first laminated bow build ever

Mad Max:
All the bend is close to the riser, outer limbs are not bending.
Is this a all wood bow?
Can you shorten the string up more?
To long of a string will give you a false bend.

Crooked Stic:
I would agree needs to be stiffer off the fades.

Thanks ....this is
 2x .07 .001 taper bamboo lams
.03 botuff
.05 veneers
.04 clear glass
I did a 16in riser but I was questioning the length of my fades I know the next one will be longer and feathered even more then this one there any way to fix this now or just finish it and shoot it ...and start a new  better build? Appreciate the help guys

About the only thing ya can do with it now besides a shorter string, is narrow up the tips as much as you are comfortable with, and trap the outer 3 rd of the limb to the belly aggressively. That could get those outer limbs bending a bit more. Doing that is going to drop your draw weight , but it will seriously cut the hand shock down. I’ll bet that one has some kick to it as-is.

Next one go with a longer riser, and use a power lam to extend the fades out past the riser fades another 3-4” . That will force the limbs to bend further out on the limbs.      Kirk


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