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Lam sander question

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Would this sander be sufficient for tapering lams with Kenny's tapering sled? Jet 10-20 Plus.

Absolutely!!!  I ran the ball bearings off one of those for years and ground thousands of lams with one….. the only thing I’d recommend is fabricating a drum lock to keep the open end from flexing. All these open end sanders will flex a wee bit if you get too aggressive with heavy grit paper.  I ran 36 & 40 grit paper on mine most of the time.   

After about 3 years, I sold mine and upgraded to the Jet 16/32 . It has a bigger motor and a heavier frame. I set up a drum lock on it to, but it doesn’t flex as much as the 10/20 did.    I’ve been running my 16/32 for about 10 years now.


I do it on that machine

I have the performax version of that sander, the same exact thing just without the random bugs fixed lol.

I LOVE mine. It's small and compact, works great for 1.5" wide material or doing two at a time.

My suggestion though, I swapped my 1hp motor for a 1.5hp motor, and rewired the other motor to be on it's own.  It's an absolute beast for the size now, when it was just good before.

I had a 22/44 and a 16/32. Of them, this is my favorite for how I work.

Thanks for the valuable info. I made the purchase.


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