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scratches and dings on clear glass

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recently picked up a beautiful bow only draw backs being some scratches and dings in the clear glass finish. what can i do to clean them up? built in 2006 dings are on sides of limb 3 places

Crooked Stic:
Got any pics?

Mad Max:
Is the bow 10, 20, 40 years old?
More info please

Those edge dings on the glass will sand out pretty easily with 180-220 grit sand paper. but....if you have actual dents in the edge of the wood,  that can be a little tricky to do without throwing your limbs out of tiller.

I've taken dents out of furniture before by sanding the finish off and using a wet rag and a hot iron to raise the grain, then sanding it flush again.... I've never tried that on the edge of a limb before.     .02 cents worth.   


another pic


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