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Elm self bow reworked


This is an elm bow I started last summer and left it in a way I just wasn’t happy with. The tiller left much to be desired and I “went with it” for the time being. Upon getting it out and shooting it recently, I felt I had done the ragged bow an injustice.
I cut it down two inches to 68”, re-tillered, lost a couple pounds and took time for a nice detailed finish (for primitive). I also chose to do some artwork and I was pleased with the outcome! The bow finishes around 55# @ 29” and has great cast. Though the limbs are a tad slow, you can really feel the energy from this bow as it jumps forward nicely and I’m proud to report… it’s a shooter!!!
Never be afraid to rework a bow is my lesson from this one.
A little more on the tiller… this bow simply had too much moister when I worked it last summer… it took permanent set in the fades which ultimately (as I see it) resulted in some deflex. The limbs themselves took very little set but the permanent damage to those fades gives it a worse impression. The handle area and the fades are none working at this time. All considered, for a narrow limb self bow I am okay with the amount of set.

Nice rework!

Looks good! Gotta try some elm one of these days.

Pat B:
Nice elm bow with beautiful tiller.
Elm is a very good bow wood.

Mad Max:
Nice work :bigsmyl:


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