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Core lam guesses

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I think I'd do some measuring on a  60” 59 Kodiak if you can get hold of one, then you should be close ...

I looked at Binghams chart for a 60" recurve and it showed .274 total  including glass and cores I believe, don't know what thickness they used.

Sorry, not a recurve guy...

I’ve got a 58# 62” Kodiak Special. It’s .270” at the fades, so i think .250” is in the ball park. Maybe .255”.
Unless you change riser length or Limb width, wide tips hook length. Or , or ,or !!!

Thanks for the guesses, I do have a 59 repro 58#@28 it measures.250 just past fades and .250 in center of hooks . Not positive on glass thickness. Gonna try two core lams .060 no taper and see what happens.

Well, it came out 40@28 I’ll put up a picture when it’s finished.

Mad Max:
.050 glass x 2
.060 core x 2
So you had a .220 stack and got 40#??

This is very accurate AFTER you have and know the stack and weight.
All of us have to guess on the stack for a new form.


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