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Core lam guesses

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Here’s what I’ve got on hand .050 glass. Design is 60” 59 Kodiak , wanting 55# @ 28”
Any educated guess on what core stack should work?

There are many different things that could effect your core thickness. The actual shape of the limb, riser length from fade tip to fade tip, taper rate being used, tip wedges used, or not, Length of working limb, location of string notches, and where exactly are you measuring the limb thickness?

Need more info to even venture a guess…. Kirk

Mad Max:


--- Quote from: Mad Max on November 19, 2023, 07:58:49 AM ---.250

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Seeing how you are wanting a guess, i’ll guess .250” at the fades. Now build it and tell me how close i am. Then you know about how much give or take to change it on the next one. There’s my guess lol !!! Good luck!!


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