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Looking for a book: Crafting Laminated Longbows by Mike Basher

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Mad Max:
You want boards 2" thick with vertical rings, 8/10" wide and start slicing/resaw the lams off. :thumbsup:

I hold 1 edge of the lams to the edge sander to get 1 edge straight.
Then I clamp a straight edge to the end of the edge sander and parallel the other side, bumping the straight in until I get to my width 1-1/2" or 1-3/4"

Drawing of the same thing

If you can buy it S4S / 8/4 in 6-8” wide, you can read the grain on the edges like Maxs picture, and try and pick out your boards with tight grain, vs wider spaced grain, its more consistent. When they mill this lumber from large old growth trees you can get lumber 12” wide that is very straight grained.   Good stuff. :thumbsup:

Mad Max:


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