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Looking for a book: Crafting Laminated Longbows by Mike Basher

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Hey fellas! I've seen a lot of people recommend this book for bow building, but it's out of print and nowhere to be found.  Does anyone have a digital copy, or a hard copy they'd be willing to sell? 

Mad Max:
Not familiar with that book
We are the "how to" here.
What are you wanting to make, Glass laminated , all wood laminated, Bamboo backed?? :dunno:

Glass laminated. I love the forum. I've learned a ton here. I work long night shifts with no Internet access tho (controlled area) and books are a must. I have TONS of books on traditional bow making, but there aren't many print resources on glass bows.

If you can’t find the info you want here, “Traditional Bowyer, More Unnecessary Fun” by Jack Harrison is a good book.

Mark R:
OK Kirk could you be a little more specific about why you dislike Jack Harrison's book, I myself read and found good info in it. I guess there maybe some aspects of it that you disagree with but many books on crafting items will be suspect to others that craft the same things there way and think its the only way, maybe you should try writing a bow making book, I would like to read it.


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